Draconic astrology origin

At this level there are different house rulerships as well as differing planetary strengths to consider through for example alterations of dignity, exaltation, detriment and fall.

Draconic Astrology uses a zodiac which takes the Moon's north node as 0° Aries

It is also very illuminating to study the balance of elements and qualities at this level as this can reveal important basic points concerning the underlying soul motivation and direction. The draconic chart is sensitive to transits and can be progressed. Major transits and progressions can herald important or even life-changing events and encounters.

They can also be perceived as spiritual promptings and as such bring deep inner drives to conscious awareness. This can be a spur to action or encourage the individual towards self-understanding.


Studying the draconic solar return chart can also add depth and clarity to the time span in question. In order more fully to understand the deeper implications and lessons of the draconic chart, it should be mapped back to the tropical chart so that the resonances across the two dimensions can be seen and studied.

Draconic Astrology

One of the easiest ways is to set up a bi-wheel chart on the computer; if working by hand, place the draconic positions in a different colour on to the tropical chart. Both techniques clearly illustrate how the two levels interact. The position of the tropical planets and angles in the draconic houses can also be informative. Note which natal houses are being emphasised and where the draconic planets and angles fall in the houses of the tropical chart.

In particular, the draconic lights and draconic angles indicate areas of focus and can denote hidden or latent talents and important areas of growth. For example, where the draconic Sun falls in the tropical chart shows an area of life of deep involvement at a soul level. The placement of the draconic ascendant can show unique inner qualities whilst the draconic midheaven can reflect the soul's quest and calling.

Study what inter-aspects are formed. It is usual to note only the conjunction and opposition as these show the strong resonances between the two levels. Further research needs to be done before the meaning of the square, trine and minor aspects are fully understood in this context. Please help improve this article if you can. January Learn how and when to remove this template message.

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Try The Karma Quiz Now!! The houses present in the galactic chart are indicative of some human behavior and characteristic traits. The interpretation for astrology done using these houses is from the Arab astrology. Astrology is one of the oldest sciences; in fact the exact date of its origin still remains unknown.

Draconic Astrology

Astrology is basically the science of analysis of patterns formed in the heavens and their effects on the lives of general people. The patterns of sun, stars and moons are basically considered. Unlike the older times nowadays the calculations of astrology have become computerized and this in turn has enhanced the precision of the entire process.

The new methods of astrology have started using harmonic and mid points. However the basic principle remains the same and galactic astrology analysis is done on the basis of Sun, planets, moon and their relative position with Earth. What Color Matches Your Personality?

Introduction To Galactic Astrology

Try The Quiz Now!! If looked upon closely one might see that the method calculation used in galactic charts is entirely different to the ones used in natal charts. There are many experts who help in the analysis of galactic astrology, however visiting them might be an expensive venture.